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Listen to some of my work

Here you can listen to some samples of my work. Listen to your favorite genre and rock out.

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Read what people think about my work

  • Jay Serrao Shmolts

    Graham has turned from being an engineer who began mixing my online act Shmolts, to a close friend and now a mentor and teacher. I have been working with him for a year and I have reached a stage where I send him the stems and he knows what to do. And that's quite rare with engineers these days. You need people like Graham in your projects because you want your engineer to work 'with' you and not 'for' you. In Shmolts' case, it's even harder because it isn't really a band but a remote online collective. i.e. I write songs and I have it recorded at different places/ studio/ home-studios either locally or internationally. And you need a talented engineer like Graham to get the best out of what you've recorded.

    Without him, I don't think I could do this. He is in-fact a part of Shmolts.

    Thanks G. You are a legend.

  • Lee Tarrier Room 9

    The best inspiration we could have ever ask for. His enthusiasm, skill, dedication, support and advice to make this record made this band feel 10 feet tall. He is our fifth member and we love him. Be down to see you soon brother!!!!

  • Paul Bower Venomous Outrage

    We have worked with Graham before with our demo track which we thought was good quality, until we came back to him with our EP. He really pulled the cat out of the bag with this one, and really did the music the justice it deserved!! I will and have recommended Graham to many friends and fellow bands, and shall continue doing so! Top work dude!!

  • The Deets

    We weren't sure what to expect when Graham contacted us for a remix, but we took a chance and were definitely not disappointed! He really took the blanket off our original demo and made it sound much fuller, and definitely worthy of using in our promotional material. Thanks Graham!

  • Ray Hughes Bury the Hatchet

    Grahams recording have always been to a high standard, and that’s one of the many reasons why I’ve gone back to him time and time again. He’s always helped push me to be better at what I do on the recordings and won’t settle for anything less than brilliant. He always makes sure everything is perfect before even recording. Would go back to him time and time again

  • Mat Jones Wonky Piano

    Graham's work was astonishing – I sent him over the WAVs at about 11pm, and first thing the next morning, an entire mixed track arrived in my inbox. I've learnt a lot from some of the techniques he used, and based on that track alone, I'd be quite happy giving him an album’s worth of stuff to do – which might well be what happens. His pricing model is excellent, and very affordable to anyone.

  • Pete Briley Tin Robot Records

    Graham is a very talented and versatile producer. He gets the perfect balance between capturing a band's sound and suggesting improvements - always keeping the character of the act and making it sound great.

  • In Arcanium

    I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Graham to anyone. He’s a quality engineer, great producer and a wicked laugh. We’ll definitely be coming back to him for our next project!

  • Ben The Reckoning

    Graham responded to the challenge of 5 long haired blokes descending upon the studio to hammer out 8 songs in 3 days. He proved himself a true brother of steel. No clicks and no air conditioning. We couldn't have achieved this without the G Man himself... All Hail!

  • Kris from Touriste after recording the “What Are We” EP

    We worked with Graham on the last couple days of recording our EP. He was really easy to get along with, which to me, is one of the most important aspects of an engineer's role. Graham came across as a reliable and loyal co-worker who I'd gladly work with again.

  • The Bresslaws

    Graham engineered on our first ever recording. It was a demo of three tracks and we sent it to some record labels and we were signed by a small indie label and they released those demo recordings as the single.

  • The Singing Loins

    A lovely fella. A versatile, talented and reliable musician who can more than hold his own among a group of beer swilling, fag smoking, ugly men.

  • Reduced to Ashes

    You made a great job with the mastering on our EP. We really like it, nice and loud and can hear the bass and lot drums are AMAZING!

  • Norquay

    Graham did a really good job for the time he had my song and got know what direction it needed. He got it back to me in one hour if that and its sounds much brighter and more uplifting. It would be great to work on a whole new bunch of fresh songs with him; the result would be something else.

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